This blog is an attempt to consolidate several professional interests and websites I’ve made in the past. No doubt I will add some personal interests here as well, cos hey its my website. My aim is to provide mainly informative content, which hopefully will help in developing debating and strategic analysis skills.

I currently hold a position as Associate Director in KPMG’s Dutch M&A strategy team, also called SCI (Strategic & Commercial Intelligence). From that experience I will write articles on strategic analysis, with a particular focus on tools and approaches on how to do strategic analysis, as I think this is a part of Strategy development which I feel is underexposed in current literature. (Please note that what I write here on this blog are my personal opinions and views and in no way represent KPMG’s professional views)

Before I became a consultant I was a fanatic debater (European Champion ‘ESL’ in 2003 and three times Dutch Champion ) in University and a debate trainer at my own company (in Dutch). I also helped co-found the Dutch Debating Union (in Dutch). From that background I will write articles on debating, argumentation and influencing.

Last but not least I’m politically active at the Dutch Liberal Democrat Party D66. Also I am a philosopher by trade with a focus on ethics and political theory.As such I can’t help myself but have an opinion on political matters.

Hopefully this blog will be an enjoyable and educational read. Please feel free to comment.


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